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SF Signal Welcomes Kathy F.!

SF Signal is pleased to welcome Kathy F. to the SF Signal team!

By way of introduction, we asked Kathy to tell us about herself using a third person voice. Here’s what she said:

Kathy is a book addict, action junkie, lazy crafter, and mom to 3 geeklings-in-progress. Her bookshelf is a testament to her motto “I live in the real world, I don’t want to read about it.” She’s had a few writing gigs over the years but is happiest sharing news of fantastic books, movies and more on Stellar Four, Kindle-aholic’s Book Pile, Twitter as @kindleaholic, and Pinterest.

Welcome to the team, Kathy! We’re glad you’re here. And I’m not just saying’ that because of our longstanding “Newbie brings bagels” rule. Okay, maybe I am. But only if this thin charade to get me some free bagels works, in which case it will become a de facto rule…thus meaning there could be free bagels in your future. Win-win! 😀

While Kathy is scoring us some free boiled-and-baked goodness, check out her first post Feed Your To-Read List! Oh, and you may want to make space on your reading table.

Please join me in welcoming Kathy to the SF Signal team!

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

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  1. Welcome to the team, Kathy!

  2. Welcome! 😀 Glad to have you here!

  3. Hi Kathy! welcome! 😀

  4. Welcome Kathy! 😀 So excited for you to be here!

  5. Thanks everyone!

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