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SF/F/H Link Post for 2013-10-03

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  • Bruce C. Murray, 81, a planetary geologist who led NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the late 1970s, died August 29th of Alzheimer’s Disease in Oceanside, California. With Carl Sagan and aerospace engineer Louis Friedman, he founded The Planetary Society, which now has 100,000 members.
  • The Clarkesworld App is now available.

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  • Acadia: A New Sci-Fi Novel from James Erwin, author of the critically acclaimed Rome, Sweet Rome! Acadia takes place a century in the future. It’s a story about the beginning of space colonization, the rise of artificial intelligence, and a dozen other revolutions bearing fruit.
  • Crudrat – Gail Carriger has partnered with ArtisticWhispers Productions to debut a full cast audiobook production of her new Y.A. science fiction adventure, Crudrat. It will feature an original score, cinematic sound design, and award-winning veteran voices.
  • Golem Arcana – a digitally-enhanced miniatures game that combines miniatures with mobile technology to deliver a tabletop game that’s easy to learn and fast to play! By integrating your touchscreen phone or tablet into the tabletop experience, Golem Arcana removes the busywork associated with miniatures games. Record-keeping is automatic. Important game information is all quickly searchable at your fingertips. Instant feedback is provided for movements and attacks.
  • Tales of Mr. Rhee Hardcover Graphic Novel – Meet Mr. Rhee! The cryptic and tortured main character of TALES OF MR. RHEE and his story that unfolds in this collection of thirteen chilling short pulp-noir horror-infused stories.


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