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Table of Contents: Lakeside Circus #1 Edited by Carrie Cuinn

Here is the table of contents for the premiere issue of Lakeside Circus:

  1. Ada Hoffmann, “The Button”
  2. Alan Baxter, “All the Wealth in the World”
  3. Andrew Gilstrap, “The Fire Dress” (Poem)
  4. Andrew S. Williams, “Natalie”
  5. Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, “Mrs. Stiltskin”
  6. Bryan Thao Worra, “No Such Phi” (Poem)
  7. C.S.E. Cooney, “Threnody” (Poem)
  8. Cate Gardner, “Lightning Storm in an Umbrella”
  9. Conor Powers-Smith, “The Day”
  10. Dan Campbell, “siening for the sea” (Poem)
  11. David Sklar, “Undone”
  12. David Steffen, “Always There”
  13. Dean Francis Alfar, “Jianghu”
  14. Deborah Walker, “The Future Study of Your Life” (Poem)
  15. Eric Rosenfield, “Judges’ Cave”
  16. F.J. Bergmann, “Glossolithia”
  17. Gitte Christensen, “Winds of Change”
  18. Hermine Robinson, “Better Results Guaranteed”
  19. H.L. Fullerton, “The Abbott’s Tussock”
  20. Jamie Lackey, “For Love of the Stars”
  21. Jill Corddry, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand”
  22. John P. Murphy, “Still Life, With Orange”
  23. John Skylar, “Missed Connections”
  24. Jon Arthur Kitson, “Live from the Past”
  25. Lisa Bradley, “Hello Kitty, Hello Blood” (Poem)
  26. Lucas Ahlsen, “The Boy From Below”
  27. Malon Edwards, “In the Marrow”
  28. Megan Arkenberg, “Notes to the Introduction”
  29. Mercedes Yardley, “Charms For The Dark Season”
  30. Michael Haynes, “Bedtime Stories”
  31. Mike Allen, “The Lead Between the Panes”
  32. Rachael Acks, “A World of Speculation”
  33. Rich Larson, “Nobody Bets Against the Vat Dog”
  34. Rob Butler, “Outrider”
  35. Sarah Hendrix, “Ordinary Hero”
  36. Sofia Samatar, “At the School for Literary Alchemy” (Poem)
  37. Trevor Shikaze, “Like No Place”
  38. Vajra Chandrasekera, “By Dawn’s Barbed Light”
  39. Victor Fernando Ocampo, “How my Sister Leonora Brought Home a Wife”
  40. Virginia M. Mohlere, “Peregrine – a review”
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