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Table of Contents: RAYGUN CHRONICLES Edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Bryan Thomas Schmidt has sent along the table of contents for his upcoming anthology Raygun Chronicles, releasing December 2013:

Here’s the book description:

A school teacher who moonlights as an assassin, a corporate agent kidnapped and faced with a man she never wanted to see again, galactic knights and pilots defending the spaceways, a black bear who wants to be a priest, and a time traveler who discovers he was born a prince—these and more tales await you inside RAYGUN CHRONICLES: Space Opera For a New Age, a collection of new tales in the Golden Age style. With larger than life heroes, rayguns, space ships, robots, pirates, romance and more, here come 25 new tales of great fiction from top names like Seanan McGuire, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, A.C. Crispin, Allen M. Steele, Mike Resnick, David Farland and more. Strap in, set your weapons, and get ready for a fun ride!
“RAYGUN CHRONICLES breathes supercharged life into the space opera genre with exciting and inventive new tales by a superb line-up of writers. This is why science fiction will live forever!”—Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Patient Zero.

“RAYGUN CHRONICLES is an impressive anthology with an impressive list of contributors, a real showcase of the color and scope of what science fiction can be.”—Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of the Saga of Seven Suns

“Good old fashioned fun awaits within!” – Glen Cook, Author of Black Company, Dread Empire, and Garrett, P.I.

“These stories bring the reader back to the days when we dreamt of blasters and flying cars. Golden age space opera fun with a strong Western feel.” — Alex Shvartsman, Editor, Unidentified Funny Objects

Check out the impressive table of contents:

  1. Essay: Taking Back The Sky by Johne Cook
  2. “Frontier Abcs: The Life And Times Of Charity Smith, Schoolteacher” by Seanan Mcguire
  3. “Rick The Robber Baron” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  4. “To The Shores Of Triple, Lee!” by A.M. Stickel
  5. “The Silver Dollar Saucer” by Lou Antonelli
  6. “Around The Bend” by Sarah A. Hoyt
  7. “Sword Of Saladin” by Michael S. Roberts
  8. “Malfunction” by Jennifer Campbell-hicks
  9. “Catastrophe Baker And The Ship Who Purred” by Mike Resnick
  10. “Holly Defiant” by Brenda Cooper
  11. “Shooting The Devil’s Eye” by Keanan Brand
  12. “Last, Full Measure” by A. M. Roelke
  13. “Spider On A Sidewalk” by Paula R. Stiles
  14. “King Of The Galaxy Knights” by Robin Wayne Bailey
  15. “The Slavers Of Ruhn” by Rob Mancebo
  16. “Can Giraffes Change Their Spots?” by Jenny Schwartz
  17. “Captain Quasar And The Insurmountable Barrier Of Space Junk” by Milo James Fowler
  18. “Conversion” by Shaun Farrell
  19. “Twilight World” by A.C. Crispin
  20. “Catastrophe Baker In The Hall Of The Neptunian Kings” by Mike Resnick
  21. “Ever Dark” by T.M.Hunter
  22. “Nor To The Strong” by Michael Merriam
  23. “Space Opera” by Peter J. Wacks
  24. “The Heiress Of Air” by Allen M. Steele
  25. “Saint Orick” by David Farland
  26. “The Legend Of Rae Raygun” by Kaolin Fire
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  1. In 2006, we started Ray Gun Revival magazine to introduce a new generation of readers to Space Opera. This anthology pulls from the best of RGR and features all-new stories from a Who’s Who of up-and-coming and established SF/F authors. We poured seven years of our life into RGR and Brian Thomas Schmidt has taken that passion to the next level with RAYGUN CHRONICLES. I can’t wait for you all to read these rip-snortin’ full-blooded space adventure stories!

    Johne Cook
    Founder / Editor Ray Gun Revival magazine

  2. I spelled it right in my head!

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