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Table of Contents: STAR QUAKE 1, SQ MAG’S BEST OF 2012

Here is the table of contents for the new anthology Star Quake 1, Sq Mag’s Best Of 2012:

Here’s the book description:

IFWG Publishing’s e-zine SQ Mag offers up the best of 2012 with their inaugural anthology. Star Quake pays homage to all the major genres of speculative fiction with work from writers all over the world.

19 stories are featured, including original fiction by Jay Lake, Gary McMahon, Daniel I Russell and Daniel Pearlman.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “The Narrow Gate” by Daniel Pearlman
  2. “Down in the Ship Mines” by Jay Lake
  3. “Woman With Red Hair” by Lawrence Buentello
  4. “Azurewrath” by Esme Carpenter
  5. “Rationalised” by Larry Hodges
  6. “Creeper” by Daniel I Russell
  7. “Navigator ” by Shane Ward
  8. “A Debt Called In” by Michael B Fletcher
  9. “Nullus” by Mitchell Edgeworth
  10. “Masks” by Stephanie Barr
  11. “Toy” by Gary McMahon
  12. “Witness” by Laura Haddock
  13. “Sunflower” by M K Charles
  14. “CSS” by Warren Goodwin
  15. “Mermithergate Grin” by S Marston
  16. “The Observer” by Hansen Hovell Holladay
  17. “The Raptor and the Lion” by Larry Ivkovich
  18. “The Memory Eater” by Holly Day
  19. “Spacesuit with No Spaceman” by Sergio Palumbo
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