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TOC: Analog, December 2013

Here is the table of contents for the December 2013 issue of Analog (on sale now with cover art by Mark Evans):


  • Lockstep, part I of IV, by Karl Schroeder


  • “The Chorus Line” by Daniel Hatch
  • “Ian, George, and George” by Paul Levinson

Short Stories

  • “The Deer Girl Hitches a Ride” by Sarah Frost
  • “Fear Response” by Lesley L. Smith
  • “Oedipus at the Sperm Bank” by Joel Richards

Science Fact

  • “Homesteading to the Stars: Colony vs. Crew” by Arlan Andrews, Sr.

Probability Zero

  • “Abridge Too Far” by Carl Frederick


  • “A Conversation Between a Time Traveler and His Apprentice” by David Livingstone Clink

Reader’s Departments

  • Guest Editorial: “Hacked Off” by Edward M. Lerner
  • In Times to Come
  • The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
  • The Reference Library by Don Sakers
  • Brass Tacks
  • Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

Subscriptions available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the Analog website.

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