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Video: The Wonder Woman Movie We All Want To See

Rainfall Films has put out a short film featuring Wonder Woman kicking ass the way we know she can, and must.  I seriously hope DC is paying attention, because this is the Wonder Woman movie we’ve all been waiting for.  Now just make it an hour and a halfish longer…

So? Thoughts?

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9 Comments on Video: The Wonder Woman Movie We All Want To See

  1. I like this Wonder Woman for more visceral butt kicking:

  2. I think one of the comments on YouTube said it best when it criticized the slow-motion fight scene as utterly cliched. Yes, it’s cool. Yes, it kicks ass. Yes, it makes Wonder Woman relevant to a modern audience. It also looks like a cross between a commercial for Victoria’s Secret and the United States Marines.

  3. So… you want an hour-and-a-halfish 1990s music video?

  4. Yeah, slow motion is so over-rated. That slow motion scene in 300? Pshaw!

    20 Beautifully Shot Slow Motion Movie Scenes

    • You were right…marines meets Victoria’s Secret.

      • It’s the costume. Superman also fights evil in his underwear. Superhero costumes have to evolve to suit the times. We’ve done this with so many of the male superheroes, so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to also evolve WW’s costume.

        While I’m definitely in favor of WW getting pants, I also like her costume in this video. It’s a nice transition between her classic “bathing suit” and the pants/jacket from outfit from the comic. I could also see her costume evolving from the sort in this video to the pants/jacket version in one origin story movie.

  5. I think it shows some promise, for me more in the costuming and the attitude. The fight scenes are cliche but that can be worked on. I liked the less shiny Wonder Woman and the spirit of the Amazons.

  6. I’d like to have babies with this short film.

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