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Adaptation Watch: Robert J. Sawyer’s TRIGGERS Optioned for Film, Sawyer to Write Screenplay

Robert J. Sawyer notes that his 2012 novel Triggers has been optioned for film by Toronto’s Copperheart Entertainment, a company best known for the science-fiction thriller Splice and for the Ginger Snaps series of horror films.

More good news: Sawyer also notes that he has been commissioned to write the screenplay based on his book. How often does an author get to do that? Rarely.

For those unfamiliar with the novel, here’s the synopsis:

On the eve of a secret military operation, an assassin’s bullet strikes President Seth Jerrison. He is rushed to the hospital, where surgeons struggle to save his life—and where Professor Ranjip Singh is experimenting with a device that can erase traumatic memories.

Then a terrorist bomb detonates. In the operating room, the president suffers cardiac arrest. He has a near-death experience—but the memories that flash through Jerrison’s mind are not his own. The electromagnetic pulse generated by the bomb amplified and scrambled Professor Singh’s equipment, allowing a random group of people to access one another’s minds.

One of those people can retrieve the President Jerrison’s memories—including classified information regarding the upcoming military mission, which, if revealed, could cost countless lives. But the task of determining who has switched memories with whom is a daunting one—particularly when some of the people involved have reason to lie…

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