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Death Walks Among Us in Jonathon Hickman’s East of West

Over on Kirkus today, I take a look at another fantastic book from Image Comics – Jonathon Hickman’s East of West.

From the post:

Alternate histories have been a staple of science fiction for a very long time.  Some look so much like ours you can’t see the differences until they’re right up on you, while others feature drastic, sweeping changes – East of West is one of these.  The American Civil War continued on far longer than it should have.  The Indian Nations became one and threw their hats into the ring.  By the end, the continent of North America was split into the Seven Nations of America.  Fast forward hundreds of years and thee of the Four Horseman of the apocalypse, are working to bring about that end.  The fourth, Death?  Well, he’s on a more personal quest.  And the other three want him dead.

Click over to the Kirkus Reviews Blog for the rest of the post.

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