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[GUEST POST] Ellie Ann Soderstrom on Interactive Classics with a Speculative Fiction Twist

Interactive Classics with a Spec Fiction Twist

By Ellie Ann Soderstrom, the Director of Publishing for Noble Beast.

Noble Beast is a publisher of enhanced digital books, and we’ve decided to go on a huge adventure. You see, we adore great fiction, like the classics. Let me rephrase that: classics are insanely phenomenal fiction. They’ve lasted the test of time for a reason, and we would love to publish them. But we only sell speculative fiction. So what do we do?!

We turn those classics into speculative fiction titles, of course!

If you like the sound of The Three Musketeers battling aliens, Moby Dick in space, The Jungle Book Shapeshifters, and Pride and Prejudice Coven, then keep reading.

We couldn’t do it on our own. In the words of Peregrin Took, “We need people of intelligence on this mission, question…thing.”

We’ve invited fourteen authors and artists to write and illustrate the classics…with a speculative fiction bend to them.

This upcoming novel series offers a modern spin on the classics with imagination, humor, and genre-bending fun. We’ve pulled together a brilliant cast of authors to riff on their favorite classics. Richard Ellis Preston Jr. (Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders) reimagines Alice in Wonderland as an urban fantasy that takes a turn for the medieval. Bonnie Burton (Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Planets in Peril) puts Dracula in a small town and pits him against a Buffy-esque Mina. Albert Berg (What The Dog Saw), reinvents Moby Dick as a space odyssey, Ryne Douglas Pearson (Simple Simon, Knowing) came up with Ghosts At The Center of the Earth, and Erin Keyser Horn (Wings of Thunder) is writing a Dystopian Peter Pan. There are many other talented writers on the team, each of them offering a new world and unique voice.

Each novel will feature gorgeous full color art from professional illustrators. Steven Sanders (Marvel, Image), Federico Dallocchio (DC, Wildstorm, Marvel, Dark Horse), and Brian Koschak (Narcoleptic Sunday, Star Wars graphic novels), are just some of the extraordinary talent we’ve assembled to bring these stories to life.

But these are no ordinary stories, so they will not be published in any ole format. We’re developing them as interactive books-available on your iPads and e-readers. Each book will have thirty beautiful illustrations of the unique creatures and devices in the world along with hyperlinked character/object profiles, author’s notes, ambient music, and an interactive map!

Last year we published Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus, through a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. We were amazed at the level of commitment and fun our backers brought-and are so grateful to all of our awesome fans. This is such a big production, we need help. Again, are using a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the authors, artists, mapmakers, editors, and producers so we can give you a quality product.

If you’re interested in these books-check out our Kickstarter going on. Back the campaign-and you’ll get the books for half price. You heard right, half price. It’s quite a deal.

These classic stories are already so alive-we are excited to keep telling them in innovative ways. Through our enhancements, we want to create an even richer and more immersive world, giving readers new things to discover about these wondrous old tales.

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