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Table of Contents: Analog, January/February 2014

Here is the table of contents for the January/Frebruary 2014 double issue of Analog (with cover art by Mark Evans):


  • “Lockstep” (Part II of IV) by Karl Schroeder


  • “Music To Me” by Richard A. Lovett


  • “The Tansy Tree” by Rob Chilson
  • “Determined Spirits” by Grey Rollins

Short Stories

  • “Mousunderstanding” by Carl Frederick
  • “Wine, Women, And Stars” by Thoraiya Dyer
  • “This Is As I Wish To Be Restored” by Christie Yant
  • “The Problem With Reproducible Bugs” by Marie Desjardin
  • “Just Like Grandma Used To Make” by Brenta Blevins
  • “Racing Prejudice” by John Frye Iii
  • “Technological Plateau” by Michael Turton
  • “This Quiet Dust” by Karl Bunker

Science Fact

  • Lighting Up The Brain: The Use Of Electromagnetic
  • Radiation To Stimulate Neurons by Kyle Kirkland


  • “Nothing To Fear” by Kate Gladstone
  • “Product Recalls” by Mary Turzillo

Reader’s Departments

  • The Editor’s Page: Checklists by Trevor Quachri
  • In Times To Come
  • The Alternate View by Jeffery D. Kooistra
  • The Reference Library by Don Sakers
  • Brass Tacks
  • The 2013 Index
  • Analytical Laboratory Ballot
  • Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

Subscriptions available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the Analog website.

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