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Table of Contents: THE GREAT JONES COOP TEN GIGASOUL PARTY by Paul Di Filippo

Paul Di Filippo has posted the table of contents for his upcoming collection The Great Jones Coop Ten Gigasoul Party (And Other Lost Celebrations) coming from Wildside Press:

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “The Man Whom Things Hated”
  2. “Flashers”
  3. “Below the Wrack”
  4. “The Great Jones Coop Ten Gigasoul Party”
  5. “Campion’s Tree”
  6. “Winter in America”
  7. “Royaume du Rêve”
  8. “Triplets”
  9. “The Jones Continuum”
  10. “Waterloo Sunset”
  11. “Modern Conveniences”
  12. “I Kant Cuz I’m Too Jung”
  13. “Heaven Sent Me an Angel, C.O.D.”
  14. “A Night in the Thirteenth Avenue Mission”
  15. “Strange Brew”
  16. “Fax”
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