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The Discworld Collector’s Library (A Gallery of Beautiful Book Covers)

Wanna see something gorgeous?

Gollancz recently announced the publication of Discworld Collector’s Library, a reprint of Terry Pratchett’s classic comic fantasy series, and the art and design for these hardcover beauties are fantastic. They are being released starting this month in the UK & Commonwealth.

Check out the larger cover images after the jump…

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4 Comments on The Discworld Collector’s Library (A Gallery of Beautiful Book Covers)

  1. F* these are goregous. They should do a subscription model. I would love to get one of these per month in the mail. Oo la la.

  2. OK: sorry to be contrary here.

    But compared to the original UK covers they suck. Both Josh Kirby (R.I.P.) and Paul Kidby did multiple times more justice to the Discworld Books than the covers pictured above.

    No contest. Not even close.

    Both Kirby and Kidby worked (and hopefully Kidby still works) closely with Terry Pratchett to get the best results, and it shows, most especially to the avid readers of the Discworld series.

    Come on: the MEN AT ARMS and WYRD SISTERS covers above are an abomination compared to the originals: the new ones are generic and bland, while the original Kirby covers showed both subtle and integral parts of the novels, and justified repeated studies. Paul Kidby took it even a step further, showing subtle parts that even Pratchett himself almost missed.

    If these covers are ‘gorgeous’ and ‘fantastic’, then I have a (bridge) novel to sell to you: it’s about a certain shade and all fifty nuances of it…;-)

  3. I have to agree with Jeste.

    On a different series by a different author, this style of cover would kick ass.

    But Discworld’s UK covers are PREFECT.

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