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Harry Dresden is Back in Ghoul Goblin

Jim Butcher may be in between Dresden Files novels at the moment, but Harry’s adventures continue – this time in a bridge story that takes place between Fool Moon and Grave Peril – books 2 and 3.  Ghoul Goblin is that story, and the focus of my Kirkus post this week.

From the post:

I talked about the Dynamite adaptation of Butcher’s Storm Front before.  They did a great job, and followed it up with another adaptation – book 2 of The Dresden Files: Fool MoonGhoul Goblin is a new, original story set between Fool Moon and book 3, Grave Peril.  Harry is hired to help a small town in Missouri where a family has recently lost two members, both under mysterious circumstances.  The Talbot family, Harry discovers, are cursed, and have been for a long time.  Worse, creatures from the NeverNever are hunting them, and only Harry has any hope of stopping them.  But the more time he spends in Boone Mill, the more the mystery deepens.

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