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Planetoid by Ken Garing

This week over at the Kirkus Reviews Blog, I take a look at Planetoid by Ken Garing.  Holy crap.

From the post:

In my constant search to find new and cool things for this column, I came across a cover that made me pause and stare for a bit.  I know, I know – you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover.  But still, we do it all the time.  In this case, the cover had this vibe about it, harkening back to the pulpish covers without the usual exploitation – there was no scantily clad vixen clinging to the over-muscled hero type.  As much as the cover invoked the pulps of the past, there was also this starkness to it.  All of these things resonated with me.  I couldn’t help but pick it up.  And now, having read the book cover to cover in one sitting, I have to say – I’m certainly glad that I did.

Sounds cool, right?  Well, read the rest of the review over at the Kirkus Blog.

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