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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 220): Panel Discussion of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

In episode 220 of the SF Signal Podcast Patrick Hester, Jeff Patterson, and Fred Kiesche discuss the 50th Anniversary celebration for Doctor Who.


Bonus this week – Books We Are Reading:

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5 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 220): Panel Discussion of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

  1. Can someone list all the mini-sodes that went with the anniversary? What was the fan dr that the bbc was afraid of? Did you mention Big Finish’s The Light At The End?

  2. Loved the 50th, & “Adventure in Space and Time,” & “The Five(isn) Doctors.” Since the fan reaction to the anniversary came up, I thought I’d share my experience of the day.

    The local Whovian group met up at a shop to watch the anniversary. There was one showing at the simulcast time, one at the first BBCA repeat, and the last for the repeat at night. I chose to watch the simulcast at home, so I could react however I felt like, and not get in anyone else’s way.

    Once the simulcast was over I went to the shop. I was happy to find out that my friends liked the special, and I could talk about it with a few of them. I had planned to hang out at the shop after the first airing, and that’s what I did.

    It was so wonderful, being in the front of the store, and hearing the reactions from the main viewing room. As that final scene happened, I wandered back. It made me smile to see an older fan cover her mouth when Tom Baker’s voice sounded. It was great to hear the gasps, claps, and squeals when he appeared on screen. I found out later that there were about 70 people at the first showing, 50 at the second, and 30-40 at the third.

    That’s what felt so good to me. Knowing that I wasn’t watching alone, even if I was at my house with no one else around. Knowing that I was (and am) enjoying something that lots of people are enjoying.

    Great episode of SF Signal!

  3. My bad, Tam – Fred actually sent me those links and I forgot to include them. Now, through the magic of the internet, I present them…

    The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot:

    Doctor Who 50th Clip:

    The Night of the Doctor:

    The Last Day:

    An Adventure in Space and Time:

  4. Thanks, Patrick. What was that fan-made doctor who you said was good?

  5. Doctor Who – Besieged, I found it

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