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Short Epic Fantasy Film: Exordium

Are you in the mood for a gritty (and graphic) fantasy animation? Then check out Exordium, described thusly:

A group of warriors confront that which stands between them and the power to save their people in this rotoscoped animated fantasy short created by Morgan Galen King’s Gorgonaut studios. Starring Jon Tomlinson, and featuring music by Strand of Oaks, Ice Dragon, and Jonn Ollsin

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2 Comments on Short Epic Fantasy Film: Exordium

  1. In a very good way like an Bakshi film: mystical, vivid, and trippy. Also good in short form, getting to the point without a long drawn out background story. In the hands of Hollywood it could become bloated, like “9”. Also a bit like “Tree of Life” meets “Hobbit”.

    The sound seemed distorted and made it difficult to follow, like some anime.

    Perhaps that was intentional?

  2. Interesting and gritty. A little predictable at the end, but worth the viewing nevertheless.

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