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Table of Contents: NOCTURNES AND OTHER NOCTURNES by Claude Lalumière

Here is the the table of contents for Claude Lalumière’s new collection Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes:

Here’s the book description:

Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes: Twenty-five dark stories that span a daring breadth of genres. In these noir tales that unfold at the edge of realism, mythic nocturnes from impossible pasts, and disquietingly intimate stories of speculative fiction, Claude Lalumière explores our collective and intertwined obsessions with sex and death.

Here’s the table of contents…

Shades of Noir

  1. “Ted’s Collection”
  2. “Secretly Wishing for Rain”
  3. “She Watches Him Swim”
  4. “Diptych”
  5. “Dead”


  1. “The Beginning of Time”
  2. “What to Do with the Dead”
  3. “The Four Elements: Earth (Nephesh)”
  4. “The Secret Seduction of the Subtle Serpent”
  5. “Someone to Watch”
  6. “The Four Elements: Water (Scars)”
  7. “The Triumph of the Autosomes”
  8. “Anew Day”
  9. “The Four Elements: Air (Hiding)”
  10. “The Return of the Low Bunnies”
  11. “The Family Portrait”
  12. “The Four Elements: Fire (Metamorphosis)”
  13. “Manit and the Nightmares”

Strange Tales of Sex and Death

  1. “Different Flesh”
  2. “The Flowers of Katrina”
  3. “Being Here”
  4. “Scenes from the Skoobie Revolution”
  5. “Sexes in the City”
  6. “All You Can Eat, All the Time”
  7. “Our Love”
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