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Top 30 SF Signal Posts for November 2013

In case you missed them, here are The Top 30 SF Signal Posts for November 2013 (excluding the much-loved daily link posts and free fiction posts):

  1. 220 Reasons To Read Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in November 2013
  2. 179 Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Kindle eBook Deals $3.99 or Less
  3. 100 *More* Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Kindle eBook Deals $3.99 or Less
  4. MIND MELD: Why are Anthologies Important?
  5. MOVIE REVIEW: Ender’s Game (2013)
  6. MIND MELD: What Book Would You Like to Experience Again for the First Time?
  7. MIND MELD: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Genre Series: Series vs. Standalones; Ones We Abandoned; Ones We Returned To
  8. Cover & Synopsis: THE MEMORY OF SKY: A GREAT SHIP TRILOGY by Robert Reed
  9. WINNERS: 2013 World Fantasy Award
  10. Special Needs in Strange Worlds: A Conversation With My Brother
  11. Lost in Animeland! First Episodes, Fall 2013
  12. Name Your Price for Up to 8 DRM-Free Science Fiction & Fantasy eBooks
  13. Recommended Reading by Professionals…with Gail Carriger
  14. INTERVIEW: Christopher Paolini, Author of ERAGON
  15. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 218): Author Brandon Sanderson
  16. BOOK REVIEW: The Year’s Best Science Fiction #30 Edited by Gardner Dozois
  17. Superman, Batman and The Doctor Walk into a Cafe…
  18. [GUEST POST] Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy Before 1970
  19. Friday YouTube: Loki Hates Little Kids
  20. MOVIE REVIEW: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)
  21. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 219): Panel Discussion of Which SF&F Books We Do, And Don’t, Want To See Made Into A Movie Or TV Show
  22. Help Worldbuilders! Donate $5 or More for 3 or More Games
  23. The Discworld Collector’s Library (A Gallery of Beautiful Book Covers)
  24. [GUEST POST] What is Steampunk? by Richard Ellis Preston, Jr. (+ Giveaway!)
  25. Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Mini-Prequel – “The Night of the Doctor”
  26. BOOK REVIEW: Beyond the Rift by Peter Watts
  27. The Three Hoarsemen: Holiday Gift Guide!
  28. Free Fiction: “The Wounded” by James A. Moore (A SEVEN FORGES Story)
  29. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 215): Panel Discussion of Books That Deserved (But Never Got) A Sequel
  30. The Completist: Greg Keyes’s THE KINGDOMS OF THORN AND BONE
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