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A Worthwhile Fundraiser: Jay Lake’s NIH Trial

Author Jay Lake is undergoing an NIH trial to save his life. A fundraiser has been started by Shlomi Harif to help offset the cost of the treatment and associated costs.

Says Jay:

It must be the season or something. I’m back off to NIH on Tuesday for surgery followed by some extensive and fairly brutal immunotherapy. As recently discussed, this is a very expensive process for me and my family. Not the treatments themselves, which are covered by NIH at no cost to me, but the expense of having my caregivers in Maryland for five weeks while I am being treated. Not to mention the expense already incurred during our two-week visit for enrollment.

Premiums are still being organized. There has been some excellent generosity from various donors, and I’ve put a dozen copies of The January Machine in myself. Hopefully by Monday that will all be up on the fundraising site.

I have very mixed feelings about tapping the generosity of my friends and fans again, but this is where we are. Still fighting for my life, slowly losing, but trying everything we can.

Details on the fundraiser are here.

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2 Comments on A Worthwhile Fundraiser: Jay Lake’s NIH Trial

  1. Hello Jay, I’m sorry to hear about your plight. You are obviously too young to be thinking about your life’s end that’s for sure. Have you ever heard of Dr. Joel Wallach. I think I spelled it correctly. Anyway he is a rathter famous individual that I have come to respect in the nutritional field. He began his training in medical school but became somewhat dismayed with the field and switched to an ND degree mid-way. This was do to his knowledge from growing up on a farm with lots of livestock. He watched verterinarians cure common dieseases with supplements and basic elements. I know you’re in a serious situation here and don’t want to hear any quackery so let me tell you what happened to me. When I was 35 years old I began to develope so very bad symptoms that scared me. I began having acid reflux that was so bad it would wake me up in the night, even come out of my nose. I tried every anti-acid OTC and then migrated to what my doctor prescribed, nexium I believe, nothing worked. I could not eat after 6 pm or I would have severe reflux in the night. The next thing that happened was my left hip began to hurt so bad that I couldn’t keep up with my short little wife on walks. I couldn’t take a full stride. Next my teeth started hurting really bad. Then all my lymphnodes on my left side swelled up and I could feel the lumps in my armpit. The next surprise was that my testicles and esophaugus started hurting so bad that I had to take 8-10 tylenol or ibuprofin daily to get by in at my job. I am an engineer so it’s not physical at all. I went to the doctors and then probed me, scanned me, did an ultrasound on my testicals, ran blood test, etc. The last time I saw my doctor he looked down my throat and examined me and said he believed that I might have cancer. He wanted to do a biopsy of my throat and run the scope down into my stomach and look around. I was terrified. I went home and worried. I didn’t want to start down that road because I was afraid it was a one way trip. My father had been taking some liquid colloidial supplements for his arthritus condition and when I told him about everything he gave me a bottle. I started taking it and figured I would give it a week or two to see if I started feeling any better and if not I would go have the biopsy. It made me a little ill at first but I kept taking it and by week two I noticed less pain and swelling. It got better, a lot better. I’ve been much healthier ever since with very little reflux and no pain or swollen lymphnodes. Sorry about my spelling. Anyway I still use the same products. It was majestic earth by american longevity but now it’s youngevity. It may not work for everyone but I believe it saved my life. I will also pray for you. Regards, Todd Utley

  2. I’m in for $100. More when payday rolls around again.

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