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Chizine Publications is Giving Away Surprise Book Packs to Readers of THE n-BODY PROBLEM by Tony Burgess

Chizine Publications is running a contest for readers of The n-Body Problem by Tony Burgess.

In case you hadn’t heard of the book, here’s the synopsis:

In the end, the zombie apocalypse was nothing more than a waste disposal problem. Burn them in giant ovens? Bad optics. Bury them in landfill sites? The first attempt created acres of twitching, roiling mud. The acceptable answer is to jettison the millions of immortal automatons into orbit. Room enough and a view. Soon, earth’s near space is a mesh of bodies interfering with the sunlight, having an effect on our minds that we never saw coming. Aggressive hypochondria, rampant depressive disorders, irresistible suicidal thoughts. Life on earth slowly became not worth living. Heaven had moved in too close. We all knew where we were going and it was just up there, just far enough to never, ever leave.

If you don’t already own it, from January 6th – 13th, both the trade paperback and ebook versions will be available at 50% off.

Once you have read the book, you can enter the contest which starts on January 14 and ends at midnight (EST) January 17th.

Here’s how readers can win the surprise pack from Chizine:

  1. The first three people to decipher the coded messages in Tony Burgess’s The n-Body Problem will receive a prize from Chizine Publications.
  2. Use the master code sheet below to solve the code in the book.
  3. If you wish to do the assignment (part of the one of the hidden messages), email Felicia at Chizine ( for more information.

[Click to embiggen]

Good luck!

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