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SF/F/H Link Post for 2014-01-30

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9 Comments on SF/F/H Link Post for 2014-01-30

  1. Hey, I somehow missed the news about Hurley’s new books until this post. Fantastic, and Aidan is right, shuffling those fall reading plans around a bit now.

  2. Thanks for the link to yet one more genre flamewar. It was marginally entertaining.

  3. If the controversy is important then I find myself wondering why only one source was posted? Where are the other primary source items and their follow ups?

    • I think more are coming tomorrow. But you’ve touched on one of the problem with informing readers of these kinds of issues — they are really difficult to keep up with fairly.

      • John, I like this page. I feel it is like the NPR of science fiction, very little in the way of shouting even if I don’t agree with everything here.

        My feeling is this.

        Either post all of the relevant links and let the readers sort them out (by that I mean the primary actors, not the inevitable linkspam that will spawn from this) or do not post them at all.

        My two cents.

    • And, in fact, I chose to share that specific post because it contains links to the original articles and explains how the discussion began. So, if people want to, they can go from there and read the primary sources and come to their own conclusions. Sharing the link does not mean that I agree or disagree with Jim C. Hines or anyone else involved. The intention was just to inform people about what has been going on. A starting point, so to speak.

      Follow ups will not be shared (by me) unless I think that they bring something new to the discussion. I see no point in sharing (or reading) every single personal opinion about this or any other matter.

      Thank you for your questions.

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