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Table of Contents: Analog, April 2014

Here is the table of contents for the new issue of Analog:


  • Lockstep, Conclusion, Karl Schroeder


  • “A Fierce, Calming Presence” by Jordan Jeffers

Short Stories

  • “Pollution” by Don Webb
  • “The Oracle Of Boca Raton” by Eric Baylis
  • “Wind Reaper, Jon Hakes
  • “It’s Not “the Lady Or The Tiger?”, It’s “whichtiger?”” by Ian Randal Strock
  • “Whaliens” by Lavie Tidhar

Probability Zero

  • First Contact: Moms Rule by Diane Turnshek

Science Fact

  • Alien Dimensions: The Universe Next Door by Edward M. Lerner


  • “The Passionate Astrophysicist To His Love” by Robert Lundy
  • “The View From Cruithne” by Mary A. Turzillo

Reader’s Departments

  • Guest Editorial: Meditation On A Bar Stool, Stanley Schmidt
  • The Alternate View, Jeffery D. Kooistra
  • In Conversation: Bud Webster, Cat Rambo
  • In Times To Come
  • The Reference Library, Don Sakers
  • Brass Tacks
  • Upcoming Events, Anthony Lewis

Subscriptions available via Amazon” by Barnes and Noble, or the Analog website.

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