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Table of Contents: SQ Mag #12

Here’s the table of contents the latest issue of SQ Mag:

  1. Inside Ferndale” by Lee Murray (Psychological Horror)
  2. Over The Bridge” by Lisamarie Lamb (Dark Fantasy)
  3. Book Review: Under The Empyrean Sky by Chuck Wendig (Damien Smith, reviewer)
  4. Death In The Dust” by Rie Rose (Science Fiction Mystery)
  5. Serial Fiction: Clutter Coach (Part 1 of 2)” by Tom Barlow (Dark fantasy)
  6. The Colour of Tears” by Angela Meadon (Dark Fantasy)
  7. Book Review: All Is Fair by Emma Newman (Sophie Yorkston, reviewer)
  8. Crawler” by B.T. Joy (Psychological Horror)
  9. Black Smoker Hero” by Rachael Acks (Frontier Science Fiction)
  10. The Bridge of Lok-Altor” by Daniel Ausema (Fantasy)
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