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Adaptation Watch: REDSHIRTS by John Scalzi Gets a Limited TV Series Run

Deadline is reporting that John Scalzi’s 2012 Hugo-Winning novel Redshirts is getting a limited television series run on FX.

Redshirts takes place in a Star Trek-like future where newly assigned ensign Andrew Dahl realizes something is amiss. Specifically, he notices that the ship’s away missions almost always result in death of low-ranked ensigns while the captain, science officer and handsome Lieutenant move about largely unharmed. It’s a lighthearted novel that pokes fun at the genre without being condescending to its fans.

The FX project only has three names attached thus far: producer Jon Shestack (Dan In Real Life), producer-director Ken Kwapis (Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants) and Kwapis’ partner Alexandra Beattie. Kwapis is going to direct the opening episode.

John Scalzi hasn’t mentioned much yet beyond a pointer to the Deadline article.

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2 Comments on Adaptation Watch: REDSHIRTS by John Scalzi Gets a Limited TV Series Run

  1. Steve Oerkfitz // February 8, 2014 at 10:35 am //

    From the director of such classics as Licensed to Wed and He’s Just Not That Into You. I have not got high expectations for this.

  2. Actually, Scalzi did release more information about the upcoming adaptation. But it’s mostly about how there isn’t much to say yet since it is still in a very early stage of the production (or pre-production).

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