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Available Now on Amazon Kindle: KAIJU RISING: AGE OF MONSTERS (Read an Excerpt)

Hey all! I’m wearing two hats at the moment — one as the co-creator/editor of Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters from Ragnarok Publications and one as SF Signal contributor. As co-creator/editor of Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters I’m proud to announce that the anthology is now available on the Amazon Kindle store for immediate purchase! As an SF Signal contributor I have to stress how awesome this book is — you really need to read it! For just $4.99 you can get 25 thrilling stories, accompanied by 25 awesome pieces of interior art. By funding the project through Kickstarter (achieving 185% of our initial goal) Ragnarok Publications was able to assemble a one-of-a-kind anthology featuring authors such as Peter Clines (Ex-Heroes), Larry Correia (Monster Hunter International), James Lovegrove (Age of Zeus), Gini Koch as J.C. Koch (Touched by an Alien) and more. The interior art was provided by the superb Robert Elrod and the imaginative Chuck Lukacs. To top it all off comes a tie-in story with Colossal Kaiju Combat from Sunstone Games, written by New York Times bestselling author James Swallow. All this comes wrapped in a beautiful cover provided by the legendary Bob Eggleton. That’s a lot of awesome for just $4.99 but if you’re not yet convinced here’s an exclusive excerpt from “The Banner of the Bent Cross” by Peter Clines…

“The Banner of the Bent Cross” (Excerpt)
by Peter Clines

The explosion shook the chamber. Marines and civilians were knocked to the floor. Three links of the chain shattered and the lock turned to dust.

The enormous eyes snapped open.

Scylla reared up twenty, fifty, almost a hundred feet tall, standing on a forest of limbs. Tentacles lashed out from her shoulders, each one tipped with a nest of teeth and a darting tongue. Her roar echoed in the gigantic chamber. Kraft stumbled back to his feet and saw the flesh of her torso split to form another howling mouth lined with fangs. And then he saw another mouth. And another. And another. And…


“God in heaven,” said Joy. “It talks?”

The sting of urine reached Kraft’s nose. “It speaks English,” he said. “How?”

“She’s not speaking English,” said Carter. “Her words are pure fear. Everyone understands that.”

Scylla turned her gaze on them, her brilliant green pupils the size of truck tires. “SO VERY HUNGRY.”

A tree trunk of dark flesh raced down. The maw on the end spread wide and swallowed a Marine whole. They didn’t even have their weapons up before a second tendril lashed out to devour Oetker and his detonator in two snapping bites.

[End of Excerpt]

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