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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 2/06/2014

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  • From the Fire by Kent David Kelly
    [Post-Apocalyptic Novelette – First Episode of Series – Amazon]
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2 Comments on Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 2/06/2014

  1. I downloaded a copy of THE STONE MAN earlier today, because the all-type cover intrigued me. The larger-than-BookBub’s image you have here lets me see that vague silhouette of the Stone Man lurking in the “black” area. But it works well as all-type, too, because the layout and design made me think of a tombstone. And it turns out there’s a lot of death and destruction in the actual novel, so that’s appropriate.

    I’ve read Chapter 1, and I’m impressed. Smitherd’s story is gripping and compelling so far. I’m not so sure, yet, that it fits neatly into a Science Fiction category; the flavor so far feels more like Horror without any directly supernatural elements, with hints of Apocalyptic yet to come. I think at this point I would classify it as cross-genre or mixed genre, or maybe as just plain Weird.

    I hope the rest of the book is as well done, because I’m really tired of being disappointed by self-published books.

    (Just for the record, I’d never heard of Smitherd before today.)

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