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Mark Frost studied directing and playwriting at Carnegie Mellon University. He partnered with David Lynch to create and executive produce the groundbreaking television series Twin Peaks. Frost co-wrote the screenplays for the films Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He is also the New York Times bestselling author of eight previous books, including The List of Seven, The Second Objective, The Greatest Game Ever Played, and The Match.

The 2nd book in his Paladin Prophecy series is titled Alliance and came out in January. Mark was kind enough to tell us a bit about it…

Kristin Centorcelli: I’m a huge fan of your work (especially THE LIST OF SEVEN and THE SIX MESSIAHS), and now you’ve got a YA series, THE PALADIN PROPHECY, under your belt. The 2nd novel in the series, ALLIANCE, just came out, will you tell us about it?

Mark Frost: ALLIANCE continues the story of Will West and his friends at the Center, resolving some mysteries, deepening others, as they all begin to realize the extent – and ultimate source – of their mysterious abilities

KC: What do you enjoy most about writing your hero, Will West, and why do you think readers will root for him?

MF: Will appeals to readers for a number of reasons I think; his resourcefulness, his humor, his persistence and courage in the face of danger, his ability to act in spite of his fears. I hope they’ll get to him and feel that, if I found myself in the same situation I’d like to think that I’d react the way that Will does.

KC: You started writing at a very early age. What’s one of the first things that you remember writing?

MF: The magic of my first typewriter; a beautiful, now almost obsolete device, that magically transferred the thoughts and feelings in my head onto a crisp blank sheet of white paper. What a machine!

KC: What do you think your background in television and film brings to your fiction?

MR: It’s all about storytelling, really, in any medium, but writing for film teaches you to think of ways to tell your stories visually, and to do it with style, lack of apparent effort and invisible efficiency.

KC: What do you enjoy the most about writing for a young audience, and what would you like to see readers take away from the new series?

MF: I love writing for a younger audience – every generation needs good stories, every bit as much as they need water and oxygen – but I never presume to interpret for them. Writing is a gift you leave by the side of the road.

Whatever readers take away from anything I do is theirs and theirs alone.

KC: Have there been any authors that have been particular inspirations for you?

MF: Anyone who writes well can and has been an inspiration. From Joseph Campbell to Joseph Conrad, Richard Ford to Donna Tartt, Thornton Wilder to Joan Didion. The trick is to find authors who resonate for you and build a relationship with their work; it will help create your inner sense of self.

KC: When you get some downtime, how do you like to spend it?

MF: Coaching my son’s sports teams, meals with friends and family, gazing out at this wonderful world and wondering how and why and wherefore…

KC: What’s next for you, and Will West?

MF: For both of us: Book Three!

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