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Pamela Sargent’s THE SHORE OF WOMEN and CLIMB THE WIND Re-Issued as eBooks

Pamela Sargent‘s novels The Shore of Women and Climb the Wind have been re-issued as eBooks.

Details follow…

“A cautionary tale, well-written, with excellent character characterization, a fine love story, as well as much food for thought…an elegant science fiction novel.” —Ann McCaffrey

This classic work of feminist science fiction finds the world reordered. Following a nuclear holocaust, women have used advanced technology to expel men from their cities, bringing them back only for purposes of loveless reproduction under the guise of powerful goddesses. When one young woman, Birana, questions her society’s deception, she finds herself exiled amongst the very men she has been taught to scorn. As Birana and her reluctant male protector Arvil grow closer, their feelings for each other just might mend their fractured world—if they somehow manage to survive.

“Pamela Sargent gives meticulous attention to a believable scenario….a captivating tale both from the aspect of the lessons that the author tries to impart and from the skills she has used to tell it.” —The Rocky Mountain News

“How many perfect science fiction novels have I read? Not many. There are at most three or four such works in a decade. Pamela Sargent’s THE SHORE OF WOMEN is one of the few perfect novels of the 1980s….Her story of a woman exiled from a safe high-tech city of women, the man ordered by the gods to kill her, and their search for a place of safety, is powerful, beautiful, and true.” —The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

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“CLIMB THE WIND is a most enjoyable and entertaining new alternate history adventure which I believe brings a new dimension to the form which has up to now never really been explored…the reader of CLIMB THE WIND will also encounter such oversized characters as Calamity Jane, generals Sherman and Sheridan, George Armstrong Custer, Mark Twain, Buffalo Bill Cody, Thomas Alva Edison, Annie Oakley, Teddy Roosevelt, and Frederick Douglass…All of them are employed very interestingly and insightfully.”
–Gahan Wilson, Realms of Fantasy

Pamela Sargent doesn’t write showily and doesn’t rely on action set-pieces to make her fiction. She creates original and intriguing premises and she uses fascinating and convincing detail along with well-executed and believable characterization to tell stories that deliver sneakily powerful visions of imaginary reality. This alternate-historical take on the frontier expansion of post-Civil War America takes us to a place we hadn’t expected but can still see as a possibly better world than the one we know. Sargent is an SF writer but she works magic with her imagination and we’re the richer for it.

“…we can expect any full-length counterfactual novel to be a complex and masterful affair. And Pamela Sargent does not disappoint….Sargent fulfills the SF writer’s credo by rigorously exploring the historical dialectic between impersonal forces and individual human actors with wisdom and real insights, all the while delivering a stirring account of a revolution-that-never-was embodied in flesh and blood participants who demand our sympathy and affection.”
–Paul Di Filippo, Asimov’s Science Fiction

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