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PUNKTOWN by Jeffrey Thomas Gets Reissued With a New Cover

Jeffrey Thomas mentions that Punktown, his collection of stories set in a weird and wonderful world, has been reissued as an eBook by DarkFuse (who also has posted the table of contents. It also gets a new cover, shown here. (A larger version appears below.)

Here’s the book description:

Considered by many critics and readers as one of the new classics of SF collections, now reissued by DarkFuse for Kindle.

In the city they call Punktown, on a planet where a hundred sentient species collide, you can become a creator of clones. You can become a piece of performance art. You might even become a library of sorrows…

Short, and maybe a little deceiving of the awesomeness that is Punktown. Although I haven’t read this specific collection (and want to), I have read some of the other Punktown stories and novels and have been consistently impressed at how imaginative and fun they are. The setting is a rich tapestry of excellent world building achieved through an intriguing blend of and science fiction and horror.

Here’s the table of contents for Punktown

  1. “The Reflections Of Ghosts”
  2. “Pink Pills”
  3. “The Flaying Season”
  4. “Union Dick”
  5. “Wakizashi”
  6. “Dissecting The Soul”
  7. “Precious Metal”
  8. “Sisters Of No Mercy”
  9. “Heart for Heart’s Sake”
  10. “The Ballad Of Moosecock Lip”
  11. “Face”
  12. “The Pressman”
  13. “The Palace Of Nothingness”
  14. “The Rusted Gates Of Heaven”
  15. “Immolation”
  16. “Unlimited Daylight”
  17. “The Library Of Sorrows”
  18. “Nom de Guerre”
  19. “The Color Shrain”
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