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SF/F/H Link Post for 2014-02-06

Interviews & Profiles

  • 52 Book Reviews interview with M.L. Brennan, author of Iron Night
  • Amazing Stories interviews Clarkesworld Magazine Editor-in-Chief Neil Clarke
  • AudioBookaneers welcomes author Ellen Kushner for a chat about her Riverside Scholars, Swordsmen, and Neil Gaiman Presents. Kushner is the author of three novels in the Riverside world: Swordspoint, The Privilege of the Sword, and The Fall of the Kings, all of them in audio thanks to the wonderful Neil Gaiman Presents.
  • Book of Apex Tour: AC Wise chats about her story “My Body, Her Canvas” with My Bookish Ways.
  • Doctor Who’s Colin Baker: I’d change sex to be the first female Doctor
  • Giant Monster Renaissance Man: An interview with J.M. Martin of the Kaiju Rising anthology.
  • The Little Red Reviewer interviews Michael Pevzner, author of “Faithful City”
  • The Sword and Laser holds a Google Hangout with Gregory Wilson
  • Trevor Hogg chats with Will Reichelt of the Walking With Dinosaurs documentary series about the visual effects needed to bring extinct species back to life…


  • Adobe has Killed e-Readers: Adobe has issued a proclamation that starting in July, the vast majority of e-reader apps and hardware devices will not be able to read purchased eBooks.

Crowd Funding

  • Bring The Skiffy and Fanty Show and the World SF Tour to Worldcon in London!
  • She Makes Comics – Sequart, the folks behind Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a film celebrating female comics creators and fans. A documentary film about the untold history of women in comic books, celebrating female creators and fans alike.
  • Streets of Shadows – A new fiction anthology combining noir crime and urban fantasy. Life on the streets was tough…before things started getting weird.



More Fun Stuff

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  1. The Lord of the Rings Valentine’s Day card with Gollum dressed in loincloth and bowtie makes him look like a Chippendale’s dancer. A really, really disturbing Chippendale’s dancer.

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