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Thomas M. Wagner, proprietor of, has launched a new YouTube channel called SFF180. With it, Wagner will review books as companion pieces to his written reviews will appear on, which has been around for 12 years.

Recent reviews (which you can watch below) include Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer and Something More Than Night by Ian Tregillis. These are solo reviews, but Wagner hopes to team up with other reviewers in Siskel/Ebert-tyle fashion.

Get the scoop in this Intro Video. And hey, if you like the idea, maybe you want to help support SFF180.

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5 Comments on Takes Book Reviews to YouTube with SFF180

  1. Looks like an interesting channel, Youtube reviewing is hard to get ahead in because of success remaining in a snowball affect of views after a certain threshold, but with a website to back it up, it might help more with making a success.

  2. I just tried the url and the last update is April, 2013. It used to be a regular stop in my browsing but, it does not seem to have been updated.

    The idea would be great but, has he really not posted a review since last April?

    • If you watch the intro video, he explains that work had kept him busy most of last year. Looks like enough time feed up to start this new project…

    • Much as I’d love to be reviewing for a living, I don’t. I actually work in film and TV, and the summer of last year I had a documentary project Kickstarted that occupied most of my time for the second half of 2013. With the project nearing completion, the channel launch is basically how I’m climbing back in the reviewing saddle, with a little something new added. The original site will be undergoing a much needed refresh over the next week or so.

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