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[#MadeOfAwesome] Special Needs in Strange Worlds: The Book Display!

Our contributors are awesome.

Regular readers (and even irregular ones) will know that Sarah Chorn (also known as Bookworm Blues) does an awesome post series called Special Needs in Strange Worlds here at SF Signal and also on her blog. Through that series of posts, in which she examines disabled characters in speculative fiction, she has named many, many books that showcase such characters. A recent post of hers solicited suggestions from readers to add to A “Special Needs in Strange Worlds” Reading List.

Another SF Signal contributor (and proprietor of the wonderful SciFi Fan Letter), Jessica Strider, works in a bookstore and she decided to bring Sarah’s list into realspace. She did this by setting up a bookstore display showcasing some of the books on the list. Jessica talks about it here. Go read it and see how our contributors transform themselves from readers into superheroes.

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7 Comments on [#MadeOfAwesome] Special Needs in Strange Worlds: The Book Display!

  1. “Made of Awesome” it is. Very, very cool!

  2. this is freakin’ brilliant!

  3. Love it, and shared!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out. 😀 I should point out, however, that this display was up for the summer of 2012, back when Sarah did her original set of posts on the topic on Bookworm Blues.

  5. Important and powerful, thank you. I work with adults with disabilities and we need more things like this in the world. My own first book follows a young man with a learning disability (following much of my own journey). The stories of the disabled, special needs, neuroqueer and differently wisdomed need to be told.

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