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Table of Contents: NATURE FUTURES Edited by Henry Gee

How in the world did I miss this?

Check out the MASSIVE table of contents for his/her/the upcoming anthology/collection Nature Futures: Science Fiction from the Leading Science Journal:

Here’s the book description:

This book brings together 97 short stories that seek to answer the question ‘what will the future look like?’ First published in the leading science journal Nature, these 900-word tales come from scientists, journalists and many of the most famous SF writers in the world.

Initially published in book form as Futures from Nature, this is the first time this collection has been available as an eBook. A unique blend of satires, vignettes, fictional book reviews, science articles and journalism, Nature Futures offers an eclectic mix of ideas and attitudes about the future.

With contributions from: Arthur C. Clarke; Bruce Sterling; Charles Stross; Cory Doctorow; Greg Bear; Gregory Benford; Oliver Morton; Ian Macleod; Rudy Rucker; Greg Egan; Stephan Baxter; Frederik Pohl; Vernor Vinge; Nancy Kress, Michael Moorcock, Vonda N. McIntyre; Kim Stanley Robinson; John M. Ford; and 79 more.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Cognitive Ability and the Light Bulb” by Brian Aldiss
  2. “Don’t Imitate” by Gilles Amon
  3. “Check Elastic Before Jumping” by Neal Asher
  4. “Twenty2” by Nate Balding
  5. “Under Martian Ice” by Stephen Baxter
  6. “RAM SHIFT PHASE 2” by Greg Bear
  7. “A Life with a Semisent” by Gregory Benford
  8. “Damned If You Don’t” by Lucy Bergman
  9. “The Punishment Fits the Crime” by David Berreby
  10. “Toy Planes” by Tobias S. Buckell
  11. “A Concrete Example” by J. Casti, J.-P. Boon, C. Djerassi, J. Johnson, A. Lovett, T. Norretranders, V. Patera, C. Sommerer, R. Taylor, and S. Thurner
  12. “The Aching of Dion Harper” by Arthur Chrenkoff
  13. “Improving the Neighborhood” by Arthur C. Clarke
  14. “Omphalosphere: New York 2057” by Jack Cohen
  15. “Picasso’s Cat” by Ron Collins
  16. “My Grandfather’s River” by Brenda Cooper
  17. “Sandcastles: A Dystopia” by Kathryn Cramer
  18. “Adam’s Hot Dogs at the End of the World” by Jeff Crook
  19. “The Party’s Over” by Penelope Kim Crowther
  20. “Transport of Delight” by Roland Denison
  21. “The Perfect Lover” by Paul Di Filippo
  22. “Printcrime” by Cory Doctorow
  23. “A Brief History of Death Switches” by David Eagleman
  24. “Only Connect” by Greg Egan
  25. “At the Zoo” by Warren Ellis
  26. “The Liquidators” by Michael Garrett Farrelly
  27. “In the Days of the Comet” by john m. Ford
  28. “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis” by James Alan Gardner
  29. “Are We Not Men?” by Henry Gee
  30. “It Never Rains in VR” by John Gilbey
  31. “Gordy Gave Me Your Name” by Jim Giles
  32. “Nostalgia” by Hiromi Goto
  33. “Spawn of Satan?” by Nicola Griffith
  34. “Take Over” by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
  35. “Speak, Geek” by Eileen Gunn
  36. “Heartwired” by Joe Haldeman
  37. “The Forever Kitten” by Peter f. Hamilton
  38. “The Road to the Year 3000” by Harry Harrison
  39. “Operation Tesla” by Jeff Hecht
  40. “Making the Sale” by Fredric Heeren
  41. “Subpoenaed in Syracuse” by Tom Holt
  42. “Total Internal Reflection” by Gwyneth Jones
  43. “Ringing Up Baby” by Ellen Klages
  44. “Semi-autonomous” by Jim Kling
  45. “Product Development” by Nancy Kress
  46. “I Love Liver: A Romance” by Larissa Lai
  47. “Avatars in Space” by Geoffrey A. Landis
  48. “COMP.BASILISK FAQ” by David Langford
  49. “Gathering of the Clans” by Reinaldo José Lopes
  50. “Taking Good Care of Myself” by Ian R. Macleod
  51. “Undead Again” by Ken Macleod
  52. “Words, Words, Words” by Elisabeth Malartre
  53. “My Morning Glory” by David Marusek
  54. “Don’t Mention the “F” Word” by Neil Mathur
  55. “Meat” by Paul McAuley
  56. “The Candidate” by Jack Mcdevitt
  57. “A Modest Proposal for the Perfection of Nature” by Vonda N. Mcintyre
  58. “The Republic of George’s Island” by Donna Mcmahon
  59. “The Computiful Game” by Paul Steven Miller
  60. “Oscar Night, 2054” by Syne Mitchell
  61. “The Visible Men” by Michael Moorcock
  62. “The Albian Message” by Oliver Morton
  63. “Photons Do Not Lie” by Euan Nisbet
  64. “Stranger in the Night” by Salvador Nogueira
  65. “Tick-Tock Curly-Wurly” by Gareth Owens
  66. “Daddy’s Slight Miscalculation” by Ashley Pellegrino
  67. “Brain Drain” by Frederik Pohl
  68. “Great Unreported Discoveries No. 163” by Mike Resnick
  69. “Feeling Rejected” by Alastair Reynolds
  70. “The Trial of Jeremy Owens” by Peter Roberts
  71. “Prometheus Unbound, at Last” by Kim Stanley Robinson
  72. “Dreadnought” by Justina Robson
  73. “Falling” by Benjamin Rosenbaum
  74. “Panpsychism Proved” by Rudy Rucker
  75. “The Abdication of Pope Mary III” by Robert J. Sawyer
  76. “The Charge-up Man” by Catherine H. Shaffer
  77. “From the Desk of Jarrod Foster” by Biren Shah
  78. “Pluto Story” by Robert Silverberg
  79. “Madame Bovary, C’est Moi” by Dan Simmons
  80. “Tuberculosis Bacteria Join UN” by Joan Slonczewski
  81. “For He on Honeydew Hath Fed …” by Paul Smaglik
  82. “A Man of the Theater” by Norman Sprinrad
  83. “Ivory Tower” by Bruce Sterling
  84. “Play It Again, Psam” by Ian Stewart
  85. “MAXO Signals” by Charles Stross
  86. “Golden Year” by Igor Teper
  87. “Paratext” by Scarlett Thomas
  88. “Murphy’s Cat” by Joan D. Vinge
  89. “Win a Nobel Prize!” by Vernor Vinge
  90. “A Leap of Faith” by Theo Von Hohenheim
  91. “Nadia’s Nectar” by Ian Watson
  92. “Statler Pulchrifex” by Matt Weber
  93. “All Is Not Lost” by Scott Westerfeld
  94. “The Key” by Ian Whates
  95. “The Godmother Protocols” by Heather M. Whitney
  96. “The Great Good-bye” by Robert Charles Wilson
  97. “Pigs on the Wing” by K. Erik Ziemelis
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4 Comments on Table of Contents: NATURE FUTURES Edited by Henry Gee

  1. I read the first collection from Nature & Gee several years ago (similar format: many stories, short lengths) and the were generally good (overall an excellent collection), so I have similar hopes for this.

    Perhaps this time around this collection will be an eBook (and they’ll finally release the first collection as an eBook).

  2. Jeff Patterson // February 26, 2014 at 8:49 am //

    Looks like the same volume that came out in TPB a few years ago. I recognize Forever Kitten and a few others. These are all short-shorts, hence the many titles.

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