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Table of Contents: AMERICAN NIGHTMARE Edited by George Cotronis

Here’s the description and table of contents for the new anthology American Nightmare edited by George Cotronis.

It’s the 1950s. There’s always something good on the radio, cherry red Cadillacs cruise the streets and everything is always perfect. Marilyn is still alive and the War is over. America goes to bed, nuclear annihilation postponed another day.

Welcome to the American Nightmare.

Nuclear families dabbling in the occult. Little League games in the summer, old blood spilled in the dust. Unspeakable things hiss and crawl, unseen along the 38th parallel, camouflaged under muzzle flashes. This is what happens behind the white picket fences and waving flags.

Praise for American Nightmare:

“Buried in the nostalgia and innocence of bygone days, American Nightmare is a riveting collection of dark stories that leaves the big-block motor running, as we sneak into a deserted alley to huff on a Pall Mall, our hair slicked back, a switchblade clicking open as the shadows close in around us. Behind a closed door, away from the manicured lawn, the music continues—guitar licks and a back beat that just won’t quit—drowning out the screams, as we pull the blinds down, wash off our tentacles, and cinch our masks on tight.”
—Richard Thomas, Staring Into the Abyss

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Grandma Elspeth’s Enchiridion for Domestic Harmony” by Rachel Anding
  2. “In the Blood” by Mark W. Coulter
  3. “Chiaroscuro” by Dino Parenti
  4. “Bow Creek” by Raymond Little
  5. “Glow” by Adrean Messmer
  6. “Lucy’s Lips” by Madeleine Swann
  7. “Pear People from Planet 13” by MP Johnson
  8. “Ghost Girl, Zombie Boy and the Count” by Chris Thorndycroft
  9. “The Two Monsters of Levittown” by T. Fox Dunham
  10. “Double Feature” by Neal Litherland
  11. “The Black Pharaoh of Hollywood” by Ian Welke
  12. “The King” by W. P. Johnson
  13. “A Night to Remember” by Tim Marquitz
  14. “All the Beautiful Marilyns” by Max Booth III
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