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Table of Contents: ELEMENTS by Suzanne Church

Here’s the synopsis and table of contents for the upcoming collection Elements by Suzanne Church, published on April 30, 2014:

Award winning author Suzanne Church’s cast of distinct characters asks “What if?” in this collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short fiction.
Can humanity survive an ice age? Will the storm man steal Wanda’s baby? When will Bob and Sebbee escape the relentless march of the Lost Circle? What is the cause of the taint in Faya’s courted ice? If you can’t escape hell, can you at least afford a trip on a teleporting couch?
Church infuses emotion into every tale. Whether quirky or horrific, the prose deftly snatches the reader onto a whirlwind expedition of laughter and sorrow.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. Coolies
  2. The Wind and The Sky
  3. March of the Forgotten
  4. Storm Child
  5. Courting Ice
  6. Hot Furball on a Cold Morning
  7. Jelly and the D-Machine
  8. Everyone Needs a Couch
  9. Waste Management
  10. Fuzzy Green Monster Number Two
  11. Destiny Lives in the Tattoo’s Needle
  12. Synch Me, Kiss Me, Drop
  13. Tattoo Ink
  14. Gray Love
  15. The Tear Closet
  16. Hell’s Deadline
  17. Mod Me Down
  18. The Needle’s Eye
  19. The Flower Gathering
  20. Muffy and the Belfry
  21. Soul-Hungry
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