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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 4/2/2014

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What’s Special About Today’s Free Fiction?

  1. Electric Spec #9.1 – March 15, 2014
  2. Kaleidotrope Spring 2014
  3. Lightspeed Magazine has a serious piece of speculative literary fiction, “The Legend of RoboNinja”, by RoboNinja, Translated by Brooke Bolander
  4. Flash Fiction Online April 2014
  5. Journal of Unlikely Story Acceptances #8.5 – April 1, 2014


Written – Flash

Written – Serialized


  • @Comets and Criminals: “Best in Show” by Ian Creasey [Monster Tonic]
  • @Lightspeed Magazine: “The Legend of RoboNinja” by RoboNinja, Translated by Brooke Bolander [Completely Serious Science Fiction]
  • @Nightmare Magazine: “Bones” by Bones, Translated by Christopher M. Cevasco [Terrifyingly Terrifying Horror]
  • @Strange Horizons: “Little Faces” by Vonda N. McIntyre [Science Fiction – from 2005]

Audio – Radio Dramas

Audio – Serialized


Free eBooks – Science Fiction

Altered States by Paul J. Newell
Psychologists have devised tests to determine whether people can detect lies. The tests are given to policemen, customs officers, trial lawyers and a whole bunch of other professionals who should have a knack for spotting deception. On average they score bang on fifty per cent. No better than chance.
But sometimes, every now and then, someone scores off the charts.

[Technothriller Novel – Amazon]

Messages: Book 1 in the David Chance Series by John Michael Hileman
David Chance can see messages in the sea of words around him, messages that warn him of future events.
[Science Fiction Thriller Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Recovery of a Colony Ship (Colony Ship Eschaton) by John Thornton
Michael and Jamie live in Dome 17. The last place safe for humans, or any life, on a dying earth. They are adventurers who have explored other domes, but everywhere else is dead. Will Dome 17 meet the same fate?
[Post-Apocalyptic Space Opera Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

The Transhumanist Wager by Zoltan Istvan
Exiled from America and reeling from personal tragedy, transhumanist Jethro Knights forges a new nation of willing scientists on the world’s largest seasteading project, Transhumania. When the world declares war against the floating city, demanding an end to its renegade and godless transhuman experiments and ambitions, Knights strikes back, leaving the planet forever changed.
[Science Fiction Novel – Amazon]

Trespassing by Pat Griffith
They live among us. They live within us. As entities made of pure energy, the Elbie must have human hosts to survive on Earth. For some people, being a host is a great benefit. For others, it is a nightmare.
[Science Fiction Adventure Novel – Amazon]

@GigaNotoSaurus: Three Partitions by Bogi Takács
[Science Fiction Novelette – EPUB – GigaNotoSaurus | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian

Crash (Book One) by Michael Robertson
[Post-Apocalyptic Novella – First of Series – Amazon | B&N | Kobo]

Free eBooks – Fantasy

Amulet (DragonBlade) by Nancy Lee Parish
When Tristan finds an amulet, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. When his amulet awakens the evil of another amulet, long thought lost, it is all of Ranaria that hangs on the brink. The black crystal has stirred. There are those who seek its power and there are those who seek its destruction. There are also those who know its secrets. Even with dragons on his side, is there enough time for Tristan and his companions to stop that which has been unleashed?
[Sword & Sorcery Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Dawning (Black Earth Trilogy, Book 1) by M.S. Verish
He has no name but is known by many. He is a Demon, surrounded by the chaos inherent in his own shadowy nature, and it is the magic of Shadow that is killing him. Unwilling to accept his imminent demise, the nameless Demon embarks on a mission to find the witches who may hold his cure. He discovers the alternative to his death may be a greater price than he is willing to accept, and what is acceptance in a world full of Humans?
[Dark Fantasy Novel – First of Series – Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

Free eBooks – Fantasy – Young Adult

The Key of Amatahns (Argetallam) by Elisabeth Wheatley
Janir had the misfortune of being born with one of the hated Argetallams for a father. But unlike other Argetallam children, she was mostly granted a normal childhood, away from the rest of her family. It looked as if she would live a relatively normal life as the foster-daughter of a powerful lord. Until one critical day Janir’s powers awakened and she became entangled in a young enchanter’s quest for a long-lost treasure called the Key of Amatahns…
[YA Sword & Sorcery Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Vampires

The Thirst Within by Johi Jenkins
Seventeen-year-old Tori finds herself torn between two very different but gorgeous vampires…
[Vampire Romance Novel – Amazon]

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