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Table of Contents: Asimov’s, June 2014

Here’s the table of contents for the new issue of Asimov’s.



  • “The Philosopher Duck” by Kara Dalkey
  • “Ormonde and Chase” by Ian Creasey
  • “The Finges Clearing” by Sylvain Jouty
  • “The Turkey Raptor” by James Van Pelt
  • “Sidewalk at 12:10 P.M.” by Nancy Kress


  • “Tanabata Reunited” by Shawn Fitzpatrick
  • “A Work in Progress” by G. O. Clark
  • “Phantom Limb” by Robert Frazier
  • “Tea Rex” by Robert Borski
  • “South of Oz” by Jane Yolen
  • “The Fate of Worlds” by William F. Cullen


Subscriptions available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the Asimov’s website.

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