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Can You Name This Story? (Part 35)

Here’s another Name That Story challenge for our readers, sent in by another reader looking for the title of a story read long ago.

Do any of you out there know the title to this story?

The members of the ruling class want to be safe from revolution. A man assures them that he can provide complete protection — residence on a planet which no one can get onto without a code.

The catch (unknown to the ruling class) is that the members of the ruling class cannot leave the planet without the code.

And the code is changed daily, so even if they were to apply their skills to breaking the code, there would not be enough time to do so before the code is changed. The members of the ruling class are stuck on the planet.

The last lines of the story: Just before the image of the man (as seen by the ruling class) faded from screen, “the man grasped a lock of his hair. The Revolution was over.”

– Stephen K.

Can you name this story?

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  1. Stephen K. wrote in to say that he found the story: “Restricted Clientele” by Kendal Foster Crossen (writing a Kendell F. Crossen), which first appeared in the anthology ADVENTURES IN TOMORROW edited by Crossen.

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