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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 5/11/2014

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What’s Special About Today’s Free Fiction?

  1. Galaxy’s Edge May 2014
  2. Perihelion April 2014
  3. An interactive science fiction adventure (in PDF): Trapped in Time by Simon Christiansen


Written – Flash

Written – Serialized

  • @Author’s Site: The Greenland Diaries by Patrick Marsh – Day 131 [Post-Apocalyptic Serialization]
  • @Galaxy’s Edge: Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague de Camp – Part 2 [Science Fiction Novel – from 1941]
  • @HiLobrow: King Goshawk by Eimar O’Duffy – Chapter 19 [Satirical Science Fiction Serialization – from 1926]
  • @Paizo: Boar and Rabbit by James L. Sutter – Chapter Two: Child of the Horse King [Shared World Fantasy Serialization]


Audio – Radio Dramas

Audio – Serialized

Free eBooks – Science Fiction

Anja’s Star (Outer Settlement Agency) by Lyn Brittan
One does not lose a pirate’s spaceship. One could have it ripped away by the captain’s idiot son, Retzi, who used it as collateral in a card game, but one does not lose it. At least, not Anja, not that it matters. If the captain finds out, she’s the one who’ll be held responsible.
[Space Opera Romance Novelette – Amazon | Kobo]

The Forever Gate – Part One by Isaac Hooke
3740 A.D. The ice age has immobilized the world. Colossal walls seal off the cities from the uninhabitable Outside. Humanlike entities called “gols” run society, and force the humans to wear collars that block the innate powers mankind has evolved. One man rises up…
[Science Fantasy Novella – First of Series – Amazon | Kobo]

The Shattered World Within by Patty Jansen
Like three space stations before it, Zhiminda Station has fallen silent.
[Science Fiction Novelette – Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

@Interactive Fiction Database: Trapped in Time by Simon Christiansen
[Interactive Science Fiction Adventure Story – PDF – Interactive Fiction Database]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian

Menagerie by A.K. Meek
Menagerie is the newest pet craze from the Acme Corporation. The robotic animals genetically bind to their owners.
[Dystopian Novelette – Amazon | B&N | Smashwords]

Peace Out (The Futures Trilogy) by G.M. Whitley
When the time comes, will you Peace Out?
Take control of your life.
Take control of your death.

[Dystopian Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Basic Living (The Futures Trilogy) by G.M. Whitley
There will always be the poor. The question is what to do with them.
[Dystopian Novel – Second of Series – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian – Young Adult

Children of the After: Awakening (Book 1) by Jeremy Laszlo
Thrust into the remains of the world they remember, how will they survive on their own, not knowing what or who else remains amongst the ruins?
[YA Post-Apocalyptic Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Steampunk

Boy Mercury – An Antebellum Adventure: Episode One: The Welding by David Macinnis Gill
A brilliant and heroic Confederate general lies on his deathbed, mortally wounded.
A young man with a special talent: his tears can bind machines to the human body.
A doctor whose career hinges on saving the general’s life.
A nurse with devious plans of her own.
And a ruthless officer whose blind ambition can make his the most powerful man in the country–and destroy all of their lives.

[Steampunk / Alternate History Serial – First Episode – Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords]

Flash Gold (The Flash Gold Chronicles) by Lindsay Buroker
Eighteen-year-old Kali McAlister enters her steam-powered “dogless sled” in a race, intending to win the thousand-dollar prize and escape remote Moose Hollow forever. The problem? Fortune seekers and airship pirates are after her for the secret to flash gold, her late father’s alchemical masterpiece.
[YA Steampunk Novelette – Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords]

Free eBooks – Fantasy

All Fall Down (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms) by Christine Pope
Healer Merys Thranion has been trained to fight disease and wage war against ignorance. Her training comes to the ultimate test when she is captured by slave traders from a neighboring country and brought to the estate of Lord Shaine of Donnishold. Her task is to heal the brooding lord’s injured daughter, but that is only the first of her trials.
[Medieval Fantasy Novel – First of Series – Amazon | Kobo]

Kakri: A Birthright Secrets Story by Tiffany Cherney
The Gods have long been silent in Segennya, but that’s about to change.
[Epic Fantasy Novella – Amazon | Smashwords]

Setting Boundaries (The Coming Storm) by Valerie Douglas
After centuries of war an uneasy peace has finally been negotiated between Elves, Dwarves and Men, thanks to Elon of Aerilann, Elven councilor to the High King of Men. One final task remains, one last bone of contention – to set the boundaries between their lands. It’s a task that will be easier said than done. Although all of the lesser Kings signed the Alliance, not all of them wish to see it succeed and some are willing to oppose it. Violently.
[Arthurian Fantasy Novella – Prequel to Series – Amazon]

The Road To The King: The Tale of Joseph Asher (Kingdom Series) by Steven Styles
In a vast, island nation–lying alone in the Great Sea between the East and West–prosperity and peace dwelt from one shore to the other. From its high rocky peaks to the North to the swamps and cliffs of the South–and all great forests, small villages and bustling towns in between–the citizens of The Kingdom live and work in safety.
[Sword & Socery Novel – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Superhero

Starbright (Starbright Book One) by Rachel Higginson
Stella Day must save the world and fight evil in true superhero-like fashion. She is a Star, assigned to Earth in order to push back the aggressive Darkness that threatens to destroy the only home she’s ever known. Torn between the Counterpart she is destined to be with and the human boy she’s loved her entire life, she battles Fallen Angels, her heart and high school all at the same time.
[Superhero Novel – First of Series – Amazon]

Free eBooks – Zombies

Life Among the Dead by David Cotton
There are over a million people in the city of Waterloo. Today, most of them have died, and now they are hungry. Corporal Dan Williamson is caught in the middle of the outbreak. He is desperately trying to reach his wife who is somewhere amid the urban decay. There are other souls out there, other tales of survival among the horror. Dan will soon learn that the living may prove to be an even bigger threat than the dead.
[Zombie Novel – Amazon]


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