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Table of Contents: Weird Tales #362

Weird Tales has just posted the table of contents for issue #362, the Undead Issue:


  • “#rising” by Cynthia Ward
  • “Ink” by Bob Fingerman
  • “Happy Hunting Ground” by Andrew J. Wilson
  • “Until I come Agai”n by Justin Gustainis
  • “The Waves from Afar” by Kurt Fawver
  • “Darkling I Listen” by Keris McDonald
  • “Therapeutic” by Tim McDaniel
  • “The Bride of the Vampire” by Ron Goulart
  • “One Day at a Time” by Charles Black
  • “From the Casebook of Dead Jack, Zombie P.I.: ‘The Amorous Ogre'” by James Aquilone


  • “Letting Go” by Jamie Lackey
  • “Coven House” by David C. Smith
  • “Thinking of Yo”u by Nicholas Knight
  • “The Game of Bear” by M.R. James & Helen Grant
  • “Formidable Terrain” by Elizabeth Bear
  • “The Impression” by Ramsey Campbell


  • “Slaughter House” by Carole Bugge


  • “Severity” by Arinn Dembo
  • “Occult Warning” by Karl Würf & Darrell Schweitzer
  • “City Out of Time” by Brian Lumley
  • “MoonRise” by Jill Bauman
  • “Flash Fiction Horror Show” by Jane Yolen


  • Joyce Carol Oates, interviewed by Danel Olson
  • The Eyrie
  • Tribute to Park Goodwin by Marvin Kaye
  • An inside Look at Weird Tales by Jeff Wong


  • Front Cover: “Zombie Crawler” by Danielle Tunstall
  • Back Cover: “Richard Matheson” by Jeff Wong
  • Undead Poster/Inside Covers by Paulo Brabo
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