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[TRAILER PARK] Guardians of the Galaxy / Earth to Echo / The Flash / Interstellar

Two big films released new trailers this week and we have an interesting looking film for you as well as a TV show. Mount your double-wide on blocks and check out this installment of the Trailer Park!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Even though I live me some space SF, I was ambivalent of GotG when I first heard about it. Then the first trailer dropped. I was pleasantly surprised. Now here’s trailer 2 and I have to say, this looks great. I guess you could say I’m hooked on a feeling. Now I just have to read up on some of the comics and try to remember all the previous Marvel movies so I’m not totally lost when this comes out.

Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo is one I’ve only recently become aware of. After watching the trailer, it looks like a mashup of several different movies (E.T., Stand By Me, Close Encounters) set in found footage film. Even though it looks aimed at the younger set (see the “cuteness” of Echo) I’m still somewhat intrigued. And really, is it a bad thing if a SF movie targets a younger audience? July 2nd if you’re wondering.

The Flash

The CW keeps pumping out genre related fare aimed at the young adult crowd, which explains why I’m always skeptical of any show on the CW. Who needs all that emo angst? I have heard good things about Arrow though, and the CW seems to want to capitalize on the whole superhero renaissance that is occurring. Since they don’t have access to Marvel’s stable of superheroes, they are using DC Comics properties to establish their own superhero cred. Enter The Flash. I’m not a comics guy, so I don’t really have a feel for what a Flash TV show should be. I do remember the first TV show and I know that isn’t the way to go. This incarnation looks intriguing however. If they can tone down the young-something overtones a bit I might be persuaded to watch.


And lastly, another big movie, Christopher Nolan’s latest, Interstellar. We get more of the plot here, which is basically Matthew Mcconaughey has to go to space to save a starving Earth from destruction. And he leaves his kids behind. It could be depressingly sad, but I trust Nolan to turn out an interesting film. And that shot of the spaceship travelling looks, to me, like what a real world warp drive might look like. Cool!

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  1. I’ll almost certainly try The Flash… and Gotham… I know Arrow is supposed to be good, but it’s hard for me to get past the shirtless parts of it. My real struggle is to limit my T.V. watching!

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