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WINNERS: 2014 Spectrum Fantastic Art Award

The winners of the 2014 Spectrum Fantastic Art Award have been announced:

  • GOLD: Kent Williams — The Criterion Collection Lord of the Flies
  • SILVER: Victo Ngai — A Tiger Beer Chinese New Year
  • GOLD: Nicolas Delort — The End of the Road (shown above)
  • SILVER: Scott Gustafson — Little Sambha and the Tiger with the Beautiful Purple Shoes with Crimson Soles
  • GOLD: Thomas Campi — The Red Door
  • SILVER: Mark A. Nelson — Seasons, page 1
Concept Art
  • GOLD: Theo Prins — Kite City 2
  • SILVER: Vance Kovacs — John Carter Punches a Thark (shown above)
  • GOLD: The Shiflett Bros. — Vertical Man-Tank, 1892
  • SILVER: Colin and Kristine Poole — Hot Diggety Dog
  • GOLD: Tran Nguyen — The Insects of Love (shown above)
  • SILVER: Yuko Shimizu — Hair Tree
  • GOLD: Bill Carman — Shared Eyewear
  • SILVER: Justin Sweet — Blacksea
  • GOLD: Omar Rayyan — The Long Walk Home
  • SILVER: Yukari Masuike — Riding Horse on the Freezing Day

Congratulations to winnners!

Head on over to for a look at the winning entries.

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