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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for July 2014

Daily Science Fiction has announced its June line-up of free stories.

  • July 01: “Hero” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
  • July 02: “By Trixie Kennedy” by Marcia Richards
  • July 03: “Upstream” by K. S. O’Neill
  • July 04: “Days Like These” by Erica L. Satifka
  • July 07: “Phoenix Rising” by Malia Robin Kawaguchi
  • July 08: “The LevoGyre” by Wendy Wheeler
  • July 09: “Planning for Your Re-Retirement” by Nicky Drayden [Future of Future Planning]
  • July 10: “Princess No More” by Memory Scarlett
  • July 11: “The Heresy of Friar Travolo” by J.S. Bangs
  • July 14: “iChaperone” by Kat Otis
  • July 15: “The Rememberists” by Thomas A. Mays
  • July 16: “Liable” by Michael Louis Ruggiero
  • July 17: “Beans and Lies” by Mari Ness
  • July 20: “The Rift Cell” by Chris Batchelor
  • July 21: “A Year and a Day” by Sean R Robinson
  • July 22: “Life Lesson” by Gary A. Mitchell
  • July 23: “Earth’s Destruction, A Crowdfunding Campaign” by Nicky Drayden [Future of Future Planning]
  • July 24: “Wishmas” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • July 25: “Jump, and I’ll Catch You” by Michelle Ann King
  • July 28: “Ten Wretched Things About Influenza Siderius” by Rachael K. Jones
  • July 29: “The Trip” by Christine M Layton
  • July 30: “Kitty is Alive, Kitty is Dead” Jennifer Campbell-Hicks
  • July 31: “Ulder” by Vajra Chandrasekera
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  1. In honor of her readings at Apollo Con Glenda Boozer is placing her East Texas strange short stories and one short fantasy on sale for free at for three days.

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