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Story Bundle Announces Cosmic Scifi eBook Bundle

Story Bundle has announced a new pay-what-you-want Cosmic Scifi eBook Bundle!

You know the deal with Story Bundle, right? They’re offering up a DRM-free set of eBooks (in this case, 6 fantasy eBooks) for which you can name your price. They also allow you to give a portion of the proceeds from each bundle to charity. For this bundle, to honor Jay Lake, the designated charity is the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund, which was designated by Jay.

Here are the titles included the latest bundle:

  1. METAtropolis:The Wings We Dare Aspire by Jay Lake & Ken Scholes
  2. Destination Void (Pandora Sequence) by Frank Herbert
  3. First Person Peculiar by Mike Resnick
  4. Assemblers of Infinity by Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason
  5. Anniversary Day: A Retrieval Artist Novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  6. Second Paradigm by Peter J. Wacks

But wait! Theres more!

If you pay $12 or more, you get the following 3 ebooks included as a bonus:

  1. Crisis on Doona by Jody Lynn Nye & Anne McCaffrey
  2. Perfectly Invisible by Michael Stackpole
  3. Legion by Brandon Sanderson

This deal only lasts for three weeks, so check out StoryBudle for more info right now.

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  1. That looks pretty interesting; but what does Fred Kiesche think?

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