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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 251): An Interview with Aaron Michael Ritchey

In episode 251 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester chats with author, Aaron Michael Ritchey live from the 2014 Pikes Peak Writers Conference.

About Aaron:

Aaron Michael Ritchey’s first novel, The Never Prayer, was published in March of 2012 to a fanfare of sparkling reviews including an almost win in the RMFW Gold contest. Since then he’s been paid to write steampunk, cyberpunk, and sci-fi western short stories. His story, The Dirges of Percival Lewand appears in the pages of Penny Dread Tales Volume 3. His next novel, Long Live the Suicide King, is currently giving hope to the masses. As a former story addict and television connoisseur, he lives in Colorado with his wife and two goddesses posing as his daughters.

For more about him, his books, and how to overcome artistic angst, visit He’s on Facebook as Aaron Michael Ritchey and he tweets – @aaronmritchey.


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