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TRAILER PARK: Big Hero 6 / The Strain / Guardians Of The Galaxy TV Spot

More exciting trailers for your entertainment. Read to see how much each trailer spoils!

Big Hero 6

I know what you’re thinking. Marvel has been conquering the box office with their live-action movies, but when will there be an animated big screen movie of a Marvel property? The answer is: February 2015! Apparently Big Hero 6, which is a team of superheroes sanctioned by the Japanese government, is an actual Marvel property. I’m sure die-hard comic fans know this, but I was totally clueless. And what Stay Puft Jr. from the trailer has to do with the comic I don’t really know. In any event, the trailer is sufficiently intriguing. This might be a good one for my youngest son to go see. With me of course.

The Strain

FX’s adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain trilogy is set to air on July 13th. Here we have the first trailer for the TV show. I’m not a huge vampire fan, but at least these are sparkly. Since it’s on FX, I’m guessing the can push things fairly far so it won’t have to be completely watered down. The executive producer is Carleton Cuse (LOST), so let’s hope the show ends with, you know, actual answers.

Guardians Of The Galaxy TV Spot

I’m already in, though they repeat the whole ‘Who?’ joke again. Maybe people watching TV are unaware of the original trailers. But there’s a few more quick scenes we haven’t seen before. Did I mention I was in? I’m in.

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