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Watch Philip K. Dick Talk About the State of Science Fiction in 1977

Amazing Stories unearthed this video from 1977 featuring Philip K. Dick discussing science fiction and its lowly place in literature…

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1 Comment on Watch Philip K. Dick Talk About the State of Science Fiction in 1977

  1. Runciter Associates // June 27, 2014 at 2:02 pm //

    I’ve seen this before,but it is such fantastic stuff.I’m glad he mentioned Franz Kafka’s “The Trial”,I knew that he was a big influence on him,and I’m pleased to have shared reading such a great book with a very well read man.His novel,the very strange and morbid “A Maze of Death”,was obviously acutely inspired by Kafka,this time by “The Castle”.

    The similarity to the equally weird old Czech author’s novel to his own,have a deeper significance when compared to what Dick says about anti intellectualism in America.It has to do I think with a sort of fascism that isn’t tolerant of genre sf,because it contains subversive concepts not touched by mainstream literature that pleases the “powers that be”,and disrupts their ordainary stability.The situation in “The Trial”,can be seen as a suitable metaphor for the cold persecution of him and other authors within sf.

    On the flip side of this argument though,is Dick’s stance on the reading of “good” literature such as the one above,over that of genre sf,which is true however.It’s difficult to know what to think though,whether he means that general literature,that contains also so much speculative fiction common to sf,is largely superior,or that it is so different to what “they” have read,and will add to their reading experience.I hope it is the latter,and his own stuff is a case in point.

    That was nearly 40 years ago however,and America and the world has changed towards sf and Dick.

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