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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for August 2014

Daily Science Fiction has announced its monthly line-up of free stories.

  • August 01: “Scents of Life” by Robert Lowell Russell
  • August 04: “Readymade” by Shannon Fay
  • August 05: “The Love Letter” by Brynn MacNab
  • August 06: “A Note to Parents Regarding the Beginning and End of Time Diorama Presentations for Ms. Miller’s Third Grade Class” by Rebecca Schwarz
  • August 07: “Ghosts of Mars” by Edoardo Albert
  • August 08: “1:40 A.M.” by Eliza Victoria
  • August 11: “Cover Letter” by Dani Atkinson
  • August 12: “Do Not Count the Withered Ones” by Caroline M. Yoachim
  • August 13: “Sugar and Spice” by Melissa Mead
  • August 14: “Switch” by Jonathan L. Miller
  • August 15: “The Story Will Win a Hugo” by James Van Pelt
  • August 18: “Departure Gate 34B” by Kary English
  • August 19: “The Turn” by Tara Isabella Burton
  • August 20: “Time is Money” by John D. Sperry
  • August 21: “Futures Market” by Mitchell Edgeworth
  • August 22: “Care and Feeding” by Tim Pratt
  • August 25: “Dancing” by M. E. Garber
  • August 26: “The Middle Ones” by J. Spear
  • August 27: “Changing the Past” by Barton Paul Levenson
  • August 28: “Good Kids” by Shannon Peavey
  • August 29: “Cattail Heart” by Kate Heartfield
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