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Geeks Doing Good Fundraiser

Worldbuilders is the geeky charity founded by best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss. To date, they’ve raised over $3 million towards Heifer International’s efforts to end world hunger through an annual fundraiser where fans donate directly to Heifer for the chance to win something out of the lottery of thousands of books, games, and other coolness that Worldbuilders offers.

This summer, Worldbuilders is adding a second, mid-year fundraiser, with a different format that might appeal to a wider audience. Rather than have a lottery system where you might win anything, they’ve started an IndieGoGo campaign called Geeks Doing Good where they’re featuring cool new perks and merchandise. Some are exclusive to the campaign, some are pre-orders for future products, and some are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities at something really cool. They’ve pulled out the chance aspect and kept the awesome prizes, so now everyone who contributes will definitely get something.

A few of the cool items are:

  • A pre-order for a Karen Hallion art calendar
  • Pat’s personal copy of Settlers of Catan. This is the only copy of the game he’s ever lost with.
  • A pre-order for a Princess and Mr. Whiffle coloring book with all-new art by Nate Taylor
  • A digital download of the Seven Wallpapers to Make Someone Love You, including an exclusive sneak peek at one of the art pages from the upcoming novella, The Slow Regard of Silent Things.
  • A Tinker’s Packs blend of coffee, roasted by local farmers who actually go to Kenya and Mexico to harvest their own coffee.
  • Worldbuilders coffee mugs and magnets.
  • A brand new Princess and Mr. Whiffle t-shirt
  • Mystery book bundles, filled with a variety of novels and anthologies, valued at $150 and $200 and for sale for $35 and $45.
Geeks Doing Good

There will be so many more available, and there will be more added throughout the week. The Geeks Doing Good fundraiser will run from July 7 through 14 at IndieGoGo.

Here’s a video!

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